Environmental Green List


List of 27 ways Businesses can Greenify

Green list
1. Use a form of sustainable energy for tour vehicles [wind, solar, man-power, etc.]
2. Encourage recycling with proper bins, etc.
3. Allow visitors to enjoy our natural surroundings
4. Educate participants on how to preserve our natural habitats/species
5. Educate participants about our natural habitats/species
6. Encourage appreciation of our natural surroundings
7. Purchase/use recycled or compostable products
8. Purchase/use certified green products
9. Recycle discarded items
10. Compost waste products
11. Find ways to reuse or give away out of use items [rather than discard them]
12. Conserve resources
13. Use sustainable energy for utilities
14. Use alternative fuel vehicles
15. Avoid the use and propagation of invasive species
16. Utilize low-volume irrigation [e.g. soaker hoses vs. sprinklers]
17. Use low-flow faucets/taps/showerheads
18. Use dual- or low-flow toilets
19. Have actively taken steps to reduce single-use plastic service items (including cutlery, straws, to-go containers, water bottles, etc.
20. Have electric solar panels
21. Have water solar panels
22. Use only non-toxic, non-hazardous janitorial products
23. Maintains an updated sustainability commitment statement on website
24. Communicates sustainability objectives and requirements to the public [guests and community] and vendors
25. Have systems in place to identify the sustainability performance of key suppliers and vendors
26. Selects appliances and equipment based on energy efficiency [Energy Star Appliances/Automatic Sleep Modes/After-Hour Timers/etc.]
27. Employees are educated about energy saving features of lighting, appliances, air conditioners, printers, computers, etc. and the importance of energy efficiency